The Best New Way To Tote Your Stuff

skucover_adk_carYou know when you’re at the grocery store and you’re trying to stuff all your groceries into your bag before it’s the next person’s turn? Then while you’re trying to hurry, your bags just don’t want to cooperate and they keep flopping over, making you take longer. Or when you “buy” your bags and they are just so flimsy they break before you leave the store? Well, if you’re like us you hate that feeling and wish there was a simpler way to get in and out of the store.

Here is one simple solution: The ADK Packbasket.

What makes this bag special?

  • It is a mixture between a tote bag and a basket.
  • You can either carry it with two handles or use it as an over-the-shoulder bag.
  • It also has a different design where there is a removablebag-fill frame that helps support it (i.e. NO flopping over).
    • Since it stands by itself, it makes it a lot easier to pack all your items and put them in the car too.
    • It also folds up small-for less clutter.
  • These bags can hold up to 30 lbs! So they are not only for your groceries, but you can put anything you want in them from groceries to beach ware.
  • Plus, the Packbasket has a couple of accessories that can make it even more functional for you.
    •  You can purchase backpack straps (sold separately) to convert your Packbasket into an easy to carry backpack.
    • Also, there is an insulated liner, that converts your Packbasket into a cooler perfect for getting your groceries home or for hikes and picnics.

It is a great multipurpose bag, that is reusable and durable.

We put in a short video of the many uses this bag has. Enjoy!


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