The Watermelon Knife

A few months ago at a gift show, we came across this item called the iGenietti Angurello: Watermelon Corer and Server. Now this item was just meant to be a new gadget to freshen up our in store Kitchen section. What happened next was so unexpected and surprising that we still can’t quite believe it happened.

Our store buyer, Maddy, was excitedly showing us these new items by a company called IPAC that she had found at the recent gift show she had attended. After looking through the different items, one of them stuck out the most. So like any good business we decided to inform our customers of our new arrivals by posting about it on Facebook along with its instructional video and putting it up on our website.

watermelon+corer+2Now I should mention, we usually do not get a huge stock of any item. Since we are a small business and we like to keep things fresh, we only get a limited amount of an item. So at this point, a couple of days have gone by since the FB post and there have been a couple online sales. Great, we thought our FB post was working. Yay! Eventually, we sold out of the few iGenietti Watermelon Servers we had. The boss, Sam, was indecisive whether we should order more, until we received an email titled “Watermelon Knife.” It was a customer asking whether we will be getting more of the “watermelon knives” and when because she wanted to buy 3. That took care of Sam’s indecision, so we ordered a few more. After this email came in, it was definitely not the last.

Overnight, literally, we received about 50 emails all asking the same question, when will you be getting the watermelon knife back in stock. It was crazy, we were answering email after email all asking the same question. There was no question about it, we ordered a ton more!

And that is how it started we’ve sold over 1,000 watermelon knives and counting.


Here are some Watermelon gadgets available on our website:



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