Update Your Room with Throw Pillows

I love to change my rooms from time to time.  Painting my walls always makes the room feel fresh; new.  Unfortunately, I simply cannot paint a wall every I need a change.  One of the easiest and quickest ways I know to update a room is to add throw pillows.

A great pillow combination can make a huge difference and give your room a polished finish.  Follow these quick tips to help you choose the right pillows:

  1. Size – the standard size square is about 18 inches and these work well on sofas.  To create a more casual look use oversized pillows.
  2. In decorating always opt for odd numbers.  Try 3 or 5 for sofa and 1 for a chair.
  3. Much like we create tablescapes for dinner parts, use pillows to create interest on your furniture.   Use a combination of patterned, embellished, or oddly shapHunter Douglas Duetteed pillows to create visual interest.
  4.  Create interest by combining different textiles.  For example a linen against smooth leather, or shiny pillows on a fuzzy sofa.
  5. Create a unified space by uniting the pillows in your room.  Don’t matchy match, but instead coordinate by palette or style.

Kugler’s Home Fashions in Silver Spring Maryland, features a wide variety of throw pillows to match all budgets.  Visit our website or stop by our store!   We look forward to helping you!


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