Child Safety is Everybody’s Responsibility

We know that most accidents happen in the home and once young children are in the home we do whatever we can to protect them.  From safety gates to outlet covers to bumper covers on the coffee table we do what we can to prevent injury.  We add locks and screens to our windows to prevent falls, but what about the window treatments?

The best solution is replacing your window treatments with cordless options.  Kugler’s Home Fashions is proud to be a Hunter Douglas Gallery.   From cordless and motorized operating systems, retractable lift cords, cord tensioners and wand controls, Hunter Douglas products are created for child safety and even pet safety too!

There are times when replacing your windows treatments are not an option.   If this is your current situation, The Window Coverings Safety Council offers that following suggestions to prevent injuries related to blind cords:

  1. Move furniture and toys away from windows and to a solid wall;
  2. Eliminate dangling cords and keep cords out of reach;
  3. Make sure cords stops are properly installed to limit the movement of cords;
  4. If you use continuous cord loops, make sure they are anchored to the wall.

Children will always be inquisitive about their environment.  So, even basic household items like window treatments can turn into potential hazards for them.  It is a priority at Kugler’s Home Fashions as well as Hunter Douglas to create and offer products with piece of mind. 


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